"I cannot rave too much about the beautiful 60-minute live intuitive coaching session Jorie Cooper Cwik did with me yesterday. Thank you SO much Jorie for your insight, guidance and love. I've now had a House Vibration Chart and most recently a live Intuitive Reading and have learnt so much about myself and how I can influence my life. If you haven't had a session with Jorie, do yourself a favour!!!" ~Robyn S.

"Jorie! I absolutely adore your Jorie's Numerology Chat page. Your daily forecasts help me get through the day and when things go awry I don’t go on a guilt trip as I used to ;-). I learnt this about me from the wonderful Personal Chart you prepared. It is so accurate Jorie!!! Wow! You ARE a number magician. I see myself in a new light now and my life events and experiences just all fit in so beautifully. You have replaced the “whys” with a “quiet knowing” about myself, which is amazing for my spiritual growth :). And, you helped me with energy draining situations with the House Vibration Charts for my parents and me. The Charts are super enlightening!!! My parents’ lives are so much more peaceful because of you as is mine. They send their Blessings!!!! Jorie, I am so grateful to the universe to have you as my “guide”. You are amazingly generous and patient with my questions. You are my “lightworker”, my “life saver”. Such a blessing you are, such a beautiful intuitive spirit!!! Thank you. Thumbs up for Jorie! I highly recommend getting all her readings :D. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥" ~Vani K.

"My first experience was through the House Vibration Chart - AMAZING!! I've been following and "experimenting" for the past 5 days and (as I was advised) I felt the change immediately!... I feel great and productive.... and I have had quite a few orders these last 2 days - I dealt with a -shall I say- difficult customer the other day and the customer was happy with my solution..... It's all positive!... Note I said "FIRST" as I plan to continue consulting and I recommend you Jorie to anybody who needs a bit of "guidance".. BIG THANKS ~ YOU ARE AWESOME!!" ~Marcella M.

"Thank you Jorie for my live reading. It was a great validation that I am on the right path and I now know that I am in good hands. You were very helpful and provided me with fantastic insight into what lies ahead. The light at the end of the tunnel is not a train!!! yay! It was exciting to read what you said and that I can achieve if I put my mind to it. For anyone wanting a live reading, I thoroughly recommend it!  Jorie is AMAZING..." ~Melissa M.

"Thank you Jorie, for my live reading! It was absolutely the best reading ever. You helped verify that I am on the right path and I can follow my intuition because it's leading me in the right direction. You were so thorough - I was really amazed how everything you said was happening or was going to happen in the near future was a mirror of how things are heading and shaping up right now! I'm so excited now and you've helped put to bed all those worrying thoughts that were nagging me. Thank you again! I know I will be back to get another reading & I'm already looking forward to it. Love your spirit and your energy!" ~Krista M.

"A huge thank you, Jorie. I've just read my charts and they are very, very enlightening. House vibration chart was great!!  Now I understand why my house is so serious all the time! lol. Thank you for your time & wisdom. Blessings & beautiful light." ~Tanya P.

"Hi Jorie, You are an extremely gifted individual. I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for the personal forecast and the yearly forecast you sent me. Regarding the personal forecast, you provided me with some much needed insight into who I truly am and where I am headed in this lifetime. I could relate to everything you said, and kind of knew these things about me all along, however I felt like I needed some external assistance and you certainly exceeded my expectations. I am blown away with your accuracy thus far with my yearly forecast and each day look forward to reading your daily forecasts on Facebook.  You have been an absolute please to liaise with and I have no hesitation in referring you to my friends and family.  I am extremely grateful to you.  Much love, Mel R."

"Jorie has an amazing gift with numbers, but it is much more than that. She also has finely tuned intuition so that she can pin point her advice exactly for an individual. It is rather like a musician who can see the individual notes, but then can string them all together to make a beautiful harmony. Jorie's description of my personality was spot on, and her forecasts also are extremely accurate. I now consider Jorie, my personal numerologist :) Thanks Jorie!" ~Stella W. 

"I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Jorie for my amazing yearly reading, I won a mini reading but got a full Yearly Reading and it is so accurate!!!I am sorry if I sound surprised but I have never had a numerology reading done before ^o^I highly recommend you getting one done, I went back to January through to now, everything that was in my chart happened, so I am looking forward to the next few months.♥ I will definitely be getting Jorie to do my personal Yearly one for 2012. ♥" ~Caroline T.

"I can't express how amazed I am at Jorie's accuracy with my 2011 year chart. The chart is wonderful I can already see connections in the months with things that are happening around those times its very interesting to see and be able understand some of the energies and goals for those. I know what you mean now about me doing exactly as i should be for this month. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a little more guidance about themselves or the year ahead to get one done. Once again Thank You!" ~Shannon T.

"Hi Jorie, I am so glad I decided to get my charts done. I hadn't realised just how informative numerology can be. Some of the things in my personal chart amazed me and made me realise why I do some of the things I do. I will be back for another chart for 2012, that's for sure. Thanks so much." ~Dale R.

"Now I have the world's most affordable spiritual, personal, and business life consultant- on call for the rest of the year. A fascinating experience to review first half of the year through the lens of reflective experience. Also interesting to note that while the energy is consistent, the specifics are flexible. Thank you, Jorie....beautifully done!" ~Judy M. 

"Jorie I loved my House Vibration chart so much and my personal Chart both are totally incredible so much information and so much help in my every day life. There is so much information in my personal chart that I will need a whole day to take it all in. You have put so much love and effort into the charts you are an amazing, caring and wonderful person. I know where to go next year for my next personal chart... love your work... thank you so much xxxx♥♥♥♥" ~Kylie P.

"I just wanted to share with you what occurred to me today while I was driving home. Since changing my house to the vibration you suggested, my cherub has been sleeping in his own bed, every night, all night, ever since...that is quite a feat as he has not slept in his own bed since leaving his cot 5 years ago which results in a rested and happy little boy..peace love and harmony....thank you so much Jorie xxx" ~Catherine H.

"I had a House Vibration chart done by Jorie and was pleasantly surprised at how accurate and how easy it was to apply the different vibrations. I've certainly noticed a difference. Jorie has also been fantastic with her customer service and following up. Thank you Jorie! :)" ~Lyn W.

"Hi Jorie. Just want to thank you for doing an amazing job on all my charts. My personal just was incredibly accurate! I also had my house vibration chart done and there has been a huge shift in my home.  We are all so much more relaxed and dealing with situations finally!  My husband and I also had our personal forecast done and that too was great. I want to thank you for all your help. You've been wonderful :)" ~Carmelina V.

"I have ordered the House Chart and realized how easy it was to adjust the vibrations of the household according to what we needed to accomplish. Jorie has been very helpful and cared enough to follow up on the results and offer additional suggestions. It is well worth it! Thank you Jorie. Blessings XXXOOO" ~Karine H. 

"Jorie I loved my House Vibration chart so much that I had to order a personal Chart both are totally incredible so much information and so much help in my every day life. I am already getting great results from the house Vibration chart. There is so much information in my personal chart that I need a whole day to take it all in. You are an amazing, caring and wonderful person." ~Leisa C.

"Hello super Jorie, just wanted to pop a note on your page to thank you for my House Vibration Chart, I love it!  It is chock full of information and I can't wait to try each vibration out to see what works/feels good... I particularly like your tips on natural vibration matches, too!  You are awesome, very talented and highly recommended! ♥" ~Jodie S.

"Hi again! :)))  Just wanted to let you know that I changed my house vibration to to 4 yesterday and loved it! I was so productive, got lots of phone calls made and appts organised. Woo! Love it!  If anyone is considering a House Vibration Chart, please do yourself a favour and contact the amazing Jorie, you won't believe the difference it can make! xxx"  ~Jodie S.

"Jorie, has just sent me my chart and I have to say.............O....M....G......Jorie!!!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like you have known me for my entire life!!!!!!!! It makes so much sense, there are parts in there that it was like "light bulb moment" lol I feel so much better after reading this chart. It really helps me understand where I am coming from and why I am like I am. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much. ♥♥♥ ~Leanne W.

"Having my Personal chart done by Jorie really helped me to understand what was happening in my life at a very unsettling and confusing time. Jorie's kindness and helpfulness was such a blessing - I can't thank you enough Jorie ♥♥♥~Infinite Love & Gratitude~" ~Joy P. 

"Hi everyone I wanted to thank Jorie so much for her house vibration chart I received last Friday. I immediately changed the vibration of my house, I felt the difference straight away and I was literally buzzing. So much got organized, lists made but also completed this time round and headed straight into business work which I'd been very slow at. My kids and hubby started getting better from their colds as with myself. Overall a much more balanced, drama free household which it had not been. If you haven't gotten a house vibration chart already I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to experimenting with different vibrations also. Many blessings to you Jorie." ~Deb F.

"Absolutely amazing! Highly recommended! I have gotten the personalized chart, which plays a huge part in where I am at this moment! Love it!! I also most recently got the house vibration chart done! Its all really interesting and amazing! Look forward to having them all done! Thank you so much Jorie! Your awesome! ♥" ~Francesca A.

"My house chart was great. I was able to start using Jorie's advise right away with immediate results! Thank you so much!" ~Montserrat B.

"Just had to take a moment to tell everyone here that I just received my House Chart and I LOVE IT!!! Jorie totally hit the nail on the head, explained the *feel* of my house through numbers *and* took into account the numbers of all the people who live in my home. Knocked my socks off... amazing. Very eye opening." ~Laura K.

"Jorie is a greatly accurate numerologist! Her clear cut communications cleared up confused information from other numerologists. Check her page for daily forecasts! She's been right on the nose. I've let the day flow then read what was in store for the day, and it's been right on. Amazing!"  ~Jessica N.

"Jorie~ I just want to Thank you again for doing our House Vibration Chart. It was so helpful,we immediately put up a number as suggested,actually the one you suggested be the best vibration for our household and already we saw changes, for the better : ) We have completely changed this entire house around. We are all so grateful for the information provided in the chart which was so easy to follow! Thank you so much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥" ~Janey L.

"The information I got from Jorie made a lot of sense. There was clarity provided around the situation, but also a remedy that I can incorporate into my daily life to assist in my own further shifting. What I like about Jorie and her assistance is that EASY seems to be the name of the game. I've noticed that a lot of her 'life remedies' are quick, doable and make sense. There's no years lying on a couch repeating the same story over and over. This public feedback has not been requested by Jorie, but freely given as I think if there is something you're struggling with at present, and can't find the right tools or motivation to shift it yourself, then connecting with Jorie may just be your answer." ~Bobbi C.

"Jorie is absolutely magical. She helped me in my transformation into a happy whole-hearted person. I have worked with Jorie over the last 2 1/2 years. Her tools, wisdom, guidance, love and connection is truly a gift. I will forever be thankful for her unconditional support and gentle love. I feel very blessed to be connected with Jorie. Truly blissful and knowing!!" ~Kelly G.

"What if your best friend could talk to your Guardian Angels and help you sort through troubling situations?? Well I know Jorie only through FB and our phone session -- she is so friendly and compassionate and caring!! The conversation flowed freely and we both laughed a few times!! Well, quite a few times!! Jorie gets messages that might be song lyrics, an image (like a guitar) or in my case even a type of fabric! She explains things really well so it all makes sense. I chose to work with Jorie because of her bright energy and happy smile. You cannot put a price on how much she helped me, but I can say that her prices are very reasonable. We did an hour session and covered a lot of things. Jorie is genuine and kind. She loves helping people. She is a clean vessel for the messages our Guardian Angels have for us. I will be telling my friends about Jorie. She is a true spiritual guide." ~S.C.

"Jorie is magical, loving, compassionate & has that laughter that tickles my Soul!!! She LOVES helping others and it shows beautifully every time we connect, and even after. Her energy is inspiring, uplifting & simply filled with gold Lightness of Being." ~Denise S.

"I wish to thank you, Jorie Cooper Cwik, for helping me to reconnect with my momma yesterday. She came through strong for us. ❤️ You described her personality to a tee as a busy bee and energizer bunny. When you mentioned the kimono is when I knew it was definitely Mom. Just the day before, I had opened the container with her beautiful kimono in it. You also brought up seeing someone gardening in a hat. My mom’s straw gardening hat still hangs in the place she left it. Everything was right on! For anyone who is skeptical about connecting with a transitioned loved one....Don’t Be! All you need to do is be open to receive the messages. Jorie’s personality is so welcoming that I know she attracts the departed, and they are ready to communicate. One thing that touched me so was the fact that I said, “I miss my mom.” Jorie laughed and told me, “Your Mom said, “Why are you missing me? I’m with you.” That would definitely be something my mom would have said. That really healed my heart and mind. Everyone....Jorie is the real deal. She is absolutely amazing! Thanks again, Jorie! Love you ~Jackie Shepard ❤️

"I was blessed to have become acquainted with Jorie through a friend of hers that I followed on Facebook. Once I joined her Facebook group, Hellos from Heaven, I knew Jorie was the real deal. Watching her reunite loved ones between planes was amazing. Soon enough, I ordered readings...for myself, my ex, and my daughter...and again for myself! Lol. Jorie is truly gifted and her messages are always spot on. She connected both me and my ex to our brothers that we miss dearly, and my ex to his mother and a friend! There truly aren’t enough words to express how incredible my experiences with Jorie have been...I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs any type of life guidance or merely a Hello from Heaven. You will not be disappointed!" -Amy Kate

"Wow, I've just had the most wonderful, fantastic reading from Jorie Cooper Cwik. Everything was relevant and so helpful, I've gone from feeling stuck and heavy to light and empowered in under an hour. The relief is palpable. Guidance from the cards, guides and a message from my mom. I can't thank you enough, Jorie. I now have the tools to go from the basement garage to the penthouse and enjoy the view. You do a grand job." ~Stephanie Parkes

Jorie,  I just wanted to share this with you.  If you ever wonder if what you are teaching/guiding your followers/clients is worth it....Please know that I believe that it is totally worth it.  Please know that your sharing your gifts is invaluable to me and I am sure a lot of others.  You are a light worker and a true gift!!!  So, THANK YOU, Jorie.  THANK YOU!!! ~Tiffany H.

"My experience with Jorie during our Emotional Closet Cleaning session was nothing less than AMAZING! She has an incredibly unique ability to help you dig DEEP and bring emotional baggage, which you didn’t know existed, to the surface. I had two huge aha moments during our session that were so emotionally freeing I felt 1,000 lbs. lighter!  

Thank you Jorie for helping me realize that it’s okay to love myself first and that it is my birth right to be loved – deeply!  You have made it so clear that the power I hold within is nothing short of miraculous! It is truly amazing how listening to your intuition makes your path so clear and easy.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!" ~Kim G.