Numerology is an incredible tool for self-discovery and self-understanding. Exploring your personal numerology can assist you in clearly knowing who you are and where you are in life. Below you can read more about my "Personalized Numerology Readings," "House Vibration Charts," "Personal Year Forecasts," and "Self-Discovery Packages." Use the button below to go directly to the numerology page of my shop!

Numerology Readings


This package is the ultimate guide to self-discovery and self-understanding which will lead you to self-acceptance. Self-acceptance then expands into to self-appreciation, resulting in the state that creates a blissful and magical life--SELF-CELEBRATION!!!! This package includes:

~A 10-Page Personalized Numerology Reading 
~A 2018 Personal Year Forecast
~A House Vibration Chart
~4 1-Hour Live Intuitive Coaching Sessions (Conducted By Phone)
~2 Guidance Decks

The "Personalized Numerology Reading" will give you a deep sense of who you are--you will finally be able to understand the core of what makes you you. You will be able to see all sides of you neutrally so that you can choose which aspects of yourself you want to strengthen, and which ones you'd like to work through and overcome. You will be able to understand that you are who you are meant to be--knowing this is a HUGE gift that can propel you to live to your fullest potential.

The "2018 Personal Year Forecast" will show you where you are on your path, guiding you month by month so that you can flow with life and maximize the energies that are supporting you and leading you into specific directions. This knowledge will assist you in flowing effortlessly on your path--removing resistance and supporting the most receptive state possible for manifesting the essence of your desires.

The "House Vibration Chart" offers you the ability to work with 8 different energies in order to achieve the results you are looking to obtain. It will clearly lay out what energy to choose for your specific in-the-moment needs. This incredibly easy-to-use tool will give you the power to create the environment that will best support you while creating harmony in the home so that the energy of your living space is working with you, not against you. So much of our struggle can come from living in an incompatible home energy. This "5-second fix" can make an incredible shift that's practically effortless.

The "Four 1-Hour Intuitive Coaching Sessions" give you an opportunity to explore your desires and the specific resistance that is holding you back. Clear guidance from your higher self will come through to uplift and inspire you. Deeply-held false beliefs will be explored with the intention of awareness and dissolution. This breaking down of resistance leads to breakthroughs and a return to your natural state of joy and bliss. When we let go of what has held us down, we naturally float into beautiful, life-enhancing frequencies where abundance can quickly easily flow to us. Jorie will be there to offer support, nurturing your growth and cheering you on as you expand into more of who you really are. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or monthly.

The "2 Guidance Decks" are decks that Jorie has personally created with the intention of strengthening your connection to your inner guidance, deepening your intuition and building a foundation of emotional and spiritual support that you can turn to at anytime. Deep levels of clarity and peace can be attained simply by connecting with these powerful tools. Choose any two of Jorie's three guidance decks.





Personalized Numerology Readings


If you are looking for self-understanding and self-acceptance, the “Personalized Numerology Reading” is a wonderful tool to help you “find” yourself. It is also an excellent way to better understand your friends and family members.

This reading identifies and elaborates on the following aspects of your personal numerology:  Your Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Attitude Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, Power Name Number, Destiny Number, and Maturity Number. It also includes a bit about your last "personal year," your current personal year, and next year's personal year. These readings are typically around 8-10 pages in length. Each reading is personally calculated and compiled--these are NOT computer-generated readings.

When ordering the Personalized Numerology Reading, please send an email to that includes your full birth date, your full birth certificate name, and the name you go by now (first and last). Please also specify the email address you would like the reading sent to--if it is different from the email address associated with your Paypal account.


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Personal Year Forecasts


If you are looking for clarity on where you are in life, a "Personal Year Forecast" can help you understand what this year holds for you numerology-wise, and will act as a monthly guide to shed some light on what you can expect to experience all year.

The "Personal Year Forecast" offers a general explanation of the vibration of your current "Personal Year" as well as a general description of your "personal months" from January to December of the current calendar year. The format of this chart is very much like the format of the forecasts featured on the "Jorie's Numerology Chat" Facebook page, but specific to your personal month  vibrations, rather than the "universal" energies.

***If you are ordering mid-year, please note that in numerology, one's "personal year" correlates with the universal calendar year spanning from January 1st to December 31st.

When ordering the "Personal Year Forecast" please include your full birth date in the "notes to seller" at Paypal checkout, or in an email.


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House Vibration Chart


The "House Vibration Chart" is a powerful tool that has had some very profound effects on its users such as increased harmony in their relationships, resolution of conflicts, increase in focus and productivity, children behaving more calmly and respectfully, and a general increase in overall well-being.

When creating your House Vibration Chart, the current vibration of your home is identified based on your address. Next, the numerology of each occupant is analyzed to determine what house vibrations are most compatible for everyone.

The House Vibration Chart offers eight alternate energies for your home. Some are more creative, more harmonious, more playful, more optimistic, more productive, etc. Each energy is described in detail in the chart, along with instructions on how to instantly--and very easily--alter your home's specific vibration.

You can choose any of the eight alternative energies, and change your house within seconds--multiple times a day! Changing the energy of one's home can be a wonderful tool for maintaining balance.

***When ordering the House Vibration Chart, please include the names and full birthdays of everyone who is currently living in the house. This information can be added in the Paypal "notes to seller" box at checkout, or in an email to


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