About Jorie

Hello! My name is Jorie, and I am a numerologist, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, "heart-spotter" and happiness coach! My life's purpose is to inspire, uplift, and educate others by giving them a better understanding of who they are, why they are here, and just how abundant their lives truly are.

​My goal is to help you live a more confident and positive life through tools and insights that foster self-discovery, self-understanding, and self-appreciation. My passion is to help you recognize all of the joy, abundance, and guidance that is already available to you so that you too can experience "The Blissful Knowing."

I have been guided to work with others on the mental level, with a specific focus on the beliefs you hold about yourself, your life, and the world you are experiencing. This helps to facilitate healing on the level of thought and perception.

I assist you by offering clear guidance from your higher self, sharing individualized insights that can help you recognize your limiting, resistant perceptions and beliefs. Using my spiritual knowledge and intuitive gifts, we then work together to clear those resistant beliefs, replacing them with positive, life-enhancing affirmations, ideas, and information.

I have been blessed with the intuitive gifts of:  

Clairvoyance--the gift of intuitively seeing

Clairaudience--the gift of intuitively hearing

Claircognizance--the gift of intuitively knowing

Clairsentience--the gift of intuitively feeling

Mediumship--the ability to communicate with non-physical energies


I was one of those people who felt a strong sense of self and lived a life of confidence and passion, however, it wasn't until I (synchronistically) "stumbled" upon Numerology that I had my "a-ha!" moment of clarity. Discovering my personal numerology was like reading a book titled, "This Is Who You Are, And This Is What You're Here To Do In This Life!" It brought me SO MUCH CLARITY that I simply couldn't deny the power of the numbers. I KNEW that if this incredible awareness could give me the self-discovery I needed to fulfill my soul's mission, that it could do the same for others. So, I began my journey as a Numerologist. 


Years later, life revealed more awareness and expansion as it led me down the path of coaching and mediumship. Today, I am able to bring forth all of these tools to help you to know WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOUR SOUL WANTS TO GO, and just HOW TO GET THERE. This is what my "Soul-Based Coaching" can do for you.   

My goal is to help you know CLEARLY who you are. My goal is to help you know CLEARLY where you're going. My goal is to help you know CLEARLY what your soul's mission on this planet is--how you can contribute your gifts and talents to make this world a better place, while finding incredible bliss and fulfillment along the way. I'm here to ILLUMINATE your path so that it LIGHTS UP before you!


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