Intuitive Sessions

Intuitive sessions are an opportunity to receive guidance from your higher self, guides, angels, and non-physical loved ones while aligning with greater peace and clarity. 

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*Intuitive Coaching Sessions*

Intuitive sessions are a wonderful way to receive guidance, peace, and clarity. All intuitive sessions are a combination of numerological insights, channeled guidance, and mediumship.


~~Explore your personal numerology so you know who you came here to be, and what you came to explore and achieve in this lifetime. Once you recognize the inner truths of who you really are, you can celebrate yourself and finally live authentically. “Living authentically” means being who you came here to be, and doing what you came here to do.

~~Explore any resistant thoughts and beliefs you have that you probably aren't even aware of. Once we identify them, we can dissolve them. Removing resistance allows for incredible abundance to flow your way.

~~Explore your relationships and what they have to teach you about yourself. This awareness is the tool that helps you achieve greater harmony within yourself, and therefore in your relationships.

~~Explore the energy of your current living space. The energy of your home is a critical piece of insight because it is either aligning and supporting you, or creating discord and disharmony with who you are and what you're trying to achieve. Shifting your home’s energy with numerology is incredibly easy and immensely powerful.

~~Explore your past lives. While everything is actually "here and now," we can tap into your "simultaneous incarnations" in order to retrieve useful knowledge and insight. Understanding these "cross connections" can help us to heal our phobias, remove unconscious blocks, and and allow us to tap into new abilities and information.

~~Explore which aspects of “knowing” you have yet to strengthen. By reviewing “The 7 Soul Symbols Of The Blissful Knowing Spectrum,” we can identify what areas of your life require attention and strengthening. We will look at the pieces of yourself that needing attention and love so that you can become a “whole” person.

~~Facilitate necessary connections with your higher self. To navigate this journey, you must have a clear connection with your inner guidance. I'm here to help you identify and strengthen that connection using tools that I have personally created to assist you in doing so.

~~Facilitate connections to your non-physical loved ones. Love is ETERNAL. WE ARE ETERNAL. NOTHING IS LOST--EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS HERE AND NOW. With the gift of mediumship and your open heart, together we can create a “soul bridge” between you and your loved ones who have re-emerged into the non-physical realm. This communication can be incredibly healing, helping you to release grief, guilt, longing, and confusion. My goal is to assist you in receiving the non-physical messages that are consistently being sent your way. YOU ARE LOVED, AND YOU ARE SUPPORTED--ALWAYS, AND IN ALL WAYS.  

***Specialized Sessions***


"Emotional Closet Cleaning" is in essence a “soul car wash.” Our collective intention will be to thoroughly identify and remove years of built-up resistance that you’ve been holding onto through my “power washing” technique. No feeling/emotion/belief will go unexplored as we sift and sort through the false beliefs and negativity that has been keeping you “stuck” and suffering. (Please allow up to 90 minutes for this session.)


A "Relationship Reflections Reading” allows you the opportunity to explore what your current relationship has to teach you about yourself. We explore the relationship dynamic by examining and analyzing both of your numerology charts side-by-side. The insights achieved during this process can offer you deeper understanding of yourself and your loved ones, facilitating greater understanding, compassion and a broader perspective of what can be gained by the connection you share. (Please allow 90 minutes for this session.)


The intention of “Intuitive Training” is to offer you specific tools and techniques for sharpening and strengthening your intuition. We all have inner guidance that is constantly communication with us, however, we may have lost our ability to clearly identify and trust the wisdom that our higher self is offering us. During this “instructional” session, the two of us will explore a series of intuitive exercises that will boost your confidence in your ability to clearly identify the information your higher self is trying to share with you. (Please allow 60 minutes and have a journal and cell phone or computer available during this session.)


The purpose of this package is to guide you through the year with the intention of making the most out of the specific and individual energies that are supporting you from a numerological perspective. Together, we will explore what your current year and month energies are from a “personal chart” perspective, while also taking into consideration what the current “universal” energies at play are supporting you to do during the time of our monthly session.

These sessions are sold in a package of 12 so that we can connect each month to discuss how best to maximize the specific energetic assistance that life is offering you. Understanding what life is inviting you to do each month will help you to stay in the “flow” of your life rather than working against it. (This package consists of 12 once-a-month 30-minute phone sessions.)

*How It  Works*

(By booking a session, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the Disclaimer on the session purchase page.) Once you book a session, I will email you to discuss the focus of your reading, along with your time zone and availability so that we can find a date and time that works best for both of us. During this time, I will also ask you for your FULL BIRTH DATE, FULL BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME, and THE NAME YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF AS TODAY (FIRST AND LAST) so that I can calculate your numerology chart. 

We will connect over telephone, Facebook Messenger calling (audio), or Skype (audio), depending on your location. Before the session begins, I WILL MEDITATE ON YOUR NUMEROLOGY CHART, AND OPEN MY INTUITIVE CHANNEL UP TO RECEIVE ANY OTHER GUIDANCE THAT WANTS TO BE COMMUNICATED DURING OUR SESSION.

Once I have connected with you by phone, etc., I will take a few moments to GROUND MY ENERGY WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY OPENING MY AWARENESS TO RECEIVE THE INSIGHTS YOUR HIGHER SELF WANTS TO DELIVER TO YOU. During these first few moments, I am MERGING WITH YOU ON AN ENERGETIC LEVEL SO THAT I CAN FEEL AND KNOW WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO EXPLORE WITH YOU DURING OUR TIME TOGETHER. (Our session time won't officially begin until I've established this connection.)

After the energetic connection has been established, I will either begin expressing dialogue from your HIGHER SELF'S PERSPECTIVE, or I will be GUIDED TO HAVE YOU STEER US IN THE DIRECTION YOU'D LIKE TO EXPLORE--this could be through SPECIFIC QUESTIONS or IDENTIFYING GENERAL TOPICS you'd like to receive more clarity on. 

Intuitive sessions are available in 30, 60, and 90 minute lengths. Click the "BOOK A SESSION" button below to view pricing and to select your session length.


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