"You Are Never Alone" by Montserrat

*Connecting With Your Non-Physical Loved Ones*

Even though I feel as if my entire life has been one of connecting to worlds unseen, it was the passing of my father in 2007 that set me firmly on the path of being a medium. Weeks before he passed, he promised to do everything in his power to get a hold of me from the other side. He definitely did that, and soon I was hearing his voice in my head, as he continued to "diagnose" my friends from the other side. (He was a doctor.) 

I believe he and I had a soul contract that we agreed on before we incarnated--that he would help me to recognize my gifts as a medium so that I could facilitate connections between those of us who are still physically-focused and our loved ones who have reemerged back into the non-physical realm. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to deliver these messages, bringing peace, healing, and comfort to so many. 

LOVE IS ETERNAL. WE ARE ETERNAL. NOTHING IS LOST--EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS HERE AND NOW. With the gift of mediumship and your open heart, together we can create a "soul bridge" between you and your loved ones who have re-emerged into the non-physical realm. This communication can be incredibly healing, helping you to release grief, guilt, longing, and confusion. It can also strengthen your intuitive connection so that you can more clearly receive the non-physical messages that are consistently being sent your way. YOU ARE LOVED, AND YOU ARE SUPPORTED--ALWAYS, AND IN ALL WAYS.  

(Artwork: "You Are Never Alone" by Montserrat.

*How It Works*

Mediumship sessions are conducted via phone, Facebook Messenger audio calling, or Skype audio calling--depending on your location. They are available in three lengths: 30, 60, and 90 minutes.  My sessions are "all-encompassing" which means I incorporate all of my spiritual services into each call, including numerology and intuitive guidance if I am guided and if there is time to do so.

Once you have purchased a session, please email me with your time zone and availability, along with your numerology information (your full birthdate, your full birth certificate name, and the name you go by now.) Please also include your phone number and who it is that you'd like to connect with so that we can send out an energetic invitation for your loved one to join us. Once I have your information, I will email you to coordinate a date and time that works for both of us.

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"I wish to thank you, Jorie Cooper Cwik, for helping me to reconnect with my momma yesterday. She came through strong for us. ❤️ You described her personality to a tee as a busy bee and energizer bunny. When you mentioned the kimono is when I knew it was definitely Mom. Just the day before, I had opened the container with her beautiful kimono in it. You also brought up seeing someone gardening in a hat. My mom’s straw gardening hat still hangs in the place she left it. Everything was right on! For anyone who is skeptical about connecting with a transitioned loved one....Don’t Be! All you need to do is be open to receive the messages. Jorie’s personality is so welcoming that I know she attracts the departed, and they are ready to communicate. One thing that touched me so was the fact that I said, “I miss my mom.” Jorie laughed and told me, “Your Mom said, “Why are you missing me? I’m with you.” That would definitely be something my mom would have said. That really healed my heart and mind. Everyone....Jorie is the real deal. She is absolutely amazing! Thanks again, Jorie! Love you ~Jackie Shepard ❤️

"I was blessed to have become acquainted with Jorie through a friend of hers that I followed on Facebook. Once I joined her Facebook group, Hellos from Heaven, I knew Jorie was the real deal. Watching her reunite loved ones between planes was amazing. Soon enough, I ordered readings...for myself, my ex, and my daughter...and again for myself! Lol. Jorie is truly gifted and her messages are always spot on. She connected both me and my ex to our brothers that we miss dearly, and my ex to his mother and a friend! There truly aren’t enough words to express how incredible my experiences with Jorie have been...I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs any type of life guidance or merely a Hello from Heaven. You will not be disappointed!"
-Amy Kate

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