Guidance decks are an excellent way to hear your inner voice more clearly. Jorie has personally created three different decks to assist you in strengthening your intuition. Each deck is a wonderful tool to help you gain insight, inspiration, and clarity. They also make for a beautiful gift that can be used on a daily basis!

Intuitive Guidance Decks

Guidance Card Decks

Love Is Everywhere: Follow Your Heart Meditation Cards Deck

This deck was created from a series of treasured "heart-spotting" photos that Jorie has taken over the years. "Heart-spotting" is a wonderfully beneficial act of presence, meditation, and communion with nature that Jorie strongly encourages. Jorie designed these cards with the specific intention of strengthening the deck owner's intuition.  Frequent use of these cards allows for a deeper connection to your inner voice, offering wonderful, positive insights and messages of encouragement. Each deck consists of 53 cards and 1 instruction card.

The Blissful Knowing Inner Guidance Cards

The latest deck from Jorie, these colorful cards were designed to give you the straightforward, easy-to-understand guidance that your higher self wants you to receive.  Each deck consists of 54 cards, including an "instruction card" featuring four "spread" suggestions for using them.

Zen Blossoms: Flowering Intuition Cards

​​This delightful deck features 54 flower-filled cards, 1 instruction card, and a "card description sheet" featuring possible meanings for each of the 54 images.  Similar to the "Follow Your Heart" cards, this deck was designed to strengthen your intuition and to invite you to "start a conversation" with your higher self.  Each photograph was personally captured by Jorie and each "blossom" has its own unique message to share.  All three of Jorie's guidance decks make for a wonderfully healing, empowering, and uplifting gift!

Love Is Everywhere: Follow Your Heart Meditation Deck

The Blissful Knowing Inner Guidance Cards

Zen Blossoms: Flowering Intuition Cards


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