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Let me help you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!!!

As a former wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, I know how beneficial it can be to feel good in the clothing you wear. Because my intention is to help you enhance all areas of your confidence and self-understanding, I've been inspired to offer my styling services as an aspect of my coaching work. I want to share with you the knowledge that I gained while earning my degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am incorporating the principles of dressing to flatter your figure (and your coloring), along with my expert tips on shopping quickly, efficiently, and affordably, to provide an online style coaching service.

Together we will determine your best colors and styles--I call these your "A+ Looks." Once we have determined what works best for you, shopping will be a breeze. I will teach you the principles of "illusion dressing" so that you can create a proportioned silhouette. We will sift through your wardrobe together to analyze what's worth keeping and what's best to let go of. Post shopping video chat consultations are available for you to receive my direct feedback on any new purchases. 

***The Style Experience***


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising in 1996 from Western Michigan University. I spent 10 years experience working with top designers in the fashion industry as a fashion consultant, personal shopper, fashion show producer, and buyer. As owner and creator of "The Style Experience," I spent many years improving my clients' lives by helping them to achieve a new, more flattering look that expresses their own personal style.

I promises an enthusiastic, insightful experience that will give you an entirely new perspective on both your clothing and your body! After completing the three steps of "The Style Experience", you will learn what clothing choices are best for you and which ones should be avoided altogether. With this newfound information, you will be able to recognize what items will flatter your body before you even try them on! I use both a scientific and an artistic approach to dressing that will create a look that is both flattering and fashionable--no matter what the occasion!


Shopping for clothes should be fun and stress-free. When you don’t know what works for your personal body type and coloring, finding flattering clothing can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can spend countless hours wandering stores just to end up wasting money on items that you are unsure about. Getting dressed can be even more frustrating, making you feel confused and lacking confidence every time you look in the mirror.

Everyone has ideal colors and styles. My job is to identify those for you, and to give you the ability to recognize your “A+” looks immediately. I will teach you how to analyze any garment on the hanger—before trying it on. Together we will create a wardrobe based on essential pieces that will make coordinating outfits a breeze. Your life will be easier, and your look will be better than you ever imagined! Get ready to look and feel fabulous!


The Style Experience is a 3-step process based on both art and science.  Each aspect of your wardrobe needs is considered to create a look that will flatter your figure, express who you are, and suit your lifestyle. After completing these steps, you will have not only a closet full of exciting choices, but the ability to shop for yourself with confidence and enthusiasm!

Step 1: Identify Your Body Type

Dressing to flatter is not only an art, but a science! Did you know that your neck length determines which necklines will look best on you? Your shoulder angle is another important factor to consider when selecting tops. Each person has a vertical and horizontal body type. These body types determine what clothing styles will be most flattering on you. The only way to identify your body type, neck length, and shoulder angle is to be measured for a "Personal Style Profile", a computerized analysis that will give you loads of insight on what you should be wearing.

Step 2: Apply the Data

Once you are aware of your body type and best styles, it is important to review your current wardrobe to eliminate unflattering styles. During a "Closet Consultation", you will practice the art of dressing to flatter by applying the principles of "illusion dressing". At this time, you will also have the opportunity to learn your best colors and styles. The information you will gain from a closet consult will give you the tools to be a better, more confident shopper.

Step 3: Shopping 101

Imagine a closet full of clothes that you love! You will never again say, "I have nothing to wear!" once you've learned the secrets to successful shopping with Jorie by your side! "Personal Shopping Assistance" teaches you how to shop quickly and efficiently, so that you save time and money! Recognize your fashion "dos and don'ts" before you try them on, and leave the store with clothes that make you look and feel fantastic!!!

See below for a more detailed description of these services.

"The Style Experience" consists of three services:

Personal Style Profile:

A Personal Style Profile, (PSP), is a personalized computer analysis of your body proportions. Developed using your specific body measurements, this 12-15 page print-out will provide you with suggestions of the most flattering styles for you. These specific necklines, sleeve lengths, jacket, pant and dress styles, etc. will enhance your best features, while camouflaging any areas of imperfection. Your PSP will also give you information on what styles are best avoided--those items that can exaggerate figure flaws. Each Personal Style Profile comes with a customized, illustrated shopping guide for future reference to help eliminate fashion mistakes. Personal Style Profiles are available for both men and women.

Closet Consultation:

A "Closet Consultation" gives you the opportunity to review your current wardrobe with Jorie. Prepare to do some trying on! During your wardrobe consultation, you will have the opportunity to:

~Find out what colors make you look fabulous!

~Accentuate your best features while camouflaging figure flaws!

~Discover your most flattering hemlines, necklines, sleeve-styles, and more!

~Update your current wardrobe by giving your classic pieces a fresh look!

~Gain insight on color and style coordination!

~Learn the art of accessorizing!

~Master the art of illusion dressing!

~Learn to select the appropriate undergarments!

~Discuss fabrics, hosiery, footwear, jewelry, handbags, and trends!

~Save time and money by learning to make better apparel selections!

~Receive expert advice on where to shop and how to save money!

~Develop a personalized shopping guide based on your specific body and skin type that will assist you in your future purchases!

Personal Shopping Assistance:

Personal Shopping Assistance is also available to save you time and energy! Make shopping for that perfect look a stress-free experience! Jorie's expert eye for color and design will aid in selecting clothing that suits your style, body type, and budget. Take a guided tour through your favorite stores with Jorie, and make your shopping trip a guaranteed success! Personal Shopping Assistance will teach you the necessary skills to shop alone with confidence. After learning to identify what works for you, shopping will no longer be a challenge.


"My experience with Jorie was truly inspirational. I approach shopping and dressing with a different attitude, and I understand now what styles and colors are most flattering for me. Jorie is knowledgeable, honest and very energetic. She has also been available for last minute phone consults for a television interview and a black tie party. I would highly recommend her." 

~Dr. Pam Greenspon, Pediatrician

"Until I met Jorie, I believed all the clothes I had been buying were the right ones for my body style. I was so wrong. Shopping with Jorie was the best experience. In just one day my confidence level soared. I felt great in everything I tried on and the colors were fantastic. Jorie is fun and she made this shopping trip the best ever." ~AnneMarie Ortega, Administrative Officer, U.S. Marshals Service

"Jorie taught me how to shop! I now take less time, and buy things that look great on me. I can thumb through a catalog, or go into a store and pinpoint what styles and colors are going to look most flattering on me. It was an awesome experience, and something every woman should do for herself." 

~ Debbie Lehman

"Before meeting Jorie, I dreaded shopping. I would be confused and often get dizzy from all the choices the stores had to offer. After learning my body type and best colors, I realized I had been wearing colors that made my complexion dull, and styles that added bulk and drew attention to my least favorite areas. My first shopping trip with Jorie was incredible and so much fun. It is amazing how great I looked and felt in the right clothing. We even found some fantastic jeans. Now, I am excited to get dressed everyday, and I even enjoy shopping. Jorie taught me how to spot the right things immediately, so I am no longer overwhelmed when I walk into a store." ~Terri Jacobs, Dental Hygienist

“Thanks to Jorie, I now know how to dress.  I know what colors to look for and what styles look best on me.  As a stay-at-home-mom I can dress comfortably, but still look fabulous!  Now I am able to go into a store and know what to look for without the stress of questioning if an item looks or fits right.  I haven't felt or looked this great in years." ~Beth Stahl

“Working with Jorie opened my eyes to the difference clothing can make! The best tool I gained from our consultation is the ability to look at an item and decide if it is worth trying on or not; what a time saver! Jorie helped me to recognize my optimal colors and fit so that I can easily find what works best for me specifically. She gave me a whole new perspective on what I wear.” ~Tammy Ann Winn, Internationally Touring Singer-Songwriter & Recording Artist

"I met Jorie when I needed her services the most. My husband and I came to the United States thinking we would just be here for 2-3 months. I just brought enough clothes for our trip.  When we decided to stay here, I did not have any spring & summer clothes with me. Jorie became my fashion consultant and my personal shopper.  I think Jorie had a ball working with me since I started from scratch. Being such an active person I needed workout clothes.  I also needed casual and business outfits to complete my wardrobe. I was a fast learner and I assisted Jorie when my mother-in-law and my two sisters-in-law became her clients as well. I know I look my best when I am teaching my Jazzercise classes or when I hold my Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple shows.  Jorie has really helped me to be confident about my looks. Looking good and feeling good. Now I know I can be the best that I can be in anything I do." ~Maria L (Lita) C. Quisumbing, Independent Pampered Chef Consultant, Tastefully Simple Consultant


*Online Style Coaching*


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